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Green & Healthy Hospital
With the destructive forces threatening the environment and public health in a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle, the issue of green construction particularly concerning the health sector has become more pressing than ever. Bio waste and the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gasses are a few examples of the environmental issues that concern the construction and design of healthcare spaces.
Limiting the environmental footprint of construction is not the only benefit of improving the process of construction, however, as abiding by the relevant standards such as ISO14000 can bring considerable cost savings across the life-cycle of the project in addition to increasing the useful life of the project.
To improve the state of sustainable development in the health sector, “Global Green and Healthy Hospitals” has created an international network, defining goals and standards in addition to providing guidelines and methods for reaching them.

Services and Solutions offered by Banaye Rastin
Management: Prioritising environmental impact management as a fundamental principle.
Our Services: Free of charge consultation regarding available technologies and potential solutions according to the needs of the client and bringing value to all the stakeholders of the project based on the principle that a small simple improvement can lead to considerable cost savings and environmental benefits.

Energy: Implementing the state of the art clean and renewable energy solutions.
Our Services: Consultation to improve energy efficiency through design (e.g. by the effective utilisation of natural light to reduce the need for electrical lighting) in addition to implementing clean energy solutions in accordance with the latest standards.

Buildings: Offering support for green construction
Our Services: Integrated design, mindful of cultural, economic and environmental factors and construction of high performance healthcare environments up to the highest standards, using quality, non-toxic and locally sourced materials, while being mindful of the recycling potential.

Water: Reducing water usage and creation of wastewater
Our Services: Assessing the feasibility, design and construction of on-sit sewage treatment plants for recyclable health-care wastewater.
Other Solutions:
Pollutants: Substituting toxic substances with safer alternatives.
Medical Waste: Waste reduction and implementing safe alternatives to incineration
Transport: Improving transport strategies for patient and employee transport needs
Food: Improving the food supply chain to reduce environmental footprint while maintaining a healthy and feasible alternative
Medicine: Waste management strategies for responsible disposal of drugs
Procurement: Supply chain improvements and environmentally responsible sourcing of purchases

Our Experience

Construction of the solar-powered mechanical room for the "Tehran Emergency Medical Center" project

We recommended the use of solar-powered facilities in the process of the construction, within the framework of value engineering to the client, which was implemented after approval.

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