In the engineering department of Banaye Rastin company, innovative engineers in our Design and Research & Development units, provide integrated, cost-effective engineering solutions in all phases of the product life-cycle in accordance with technical, environmental and safety standards and regulations, ensuring at every step that the final product is what our customers expect.
We believe in the crucial role of consulting engineers, so our expertise in the field enable us to have an efficient cooperation with all the project stakeholders resulting in the added value of the final product.
Using state of the art methods and software for design and BIM is a must in our company.
We are expert in:
  • Providing services in a variety of engineering fields (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, medical devices) with high expertise in engineering buildings of high importance level (hospitals).
  • Providing services using state-of-the-art engineering technologies and devices.
  • Providing services in accordance with safety and environmental standards and regulations.
  • Providing services that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Providing value engineering change proposals.
  • Building Information Modelling.
We provide engineering services throughout the project lifecycle:
  • Predesign
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Utilization & Maintenance
  • Renovation & Restoration

The goals of our engineering department are:
  • Reaching the optimum design,
  • Increasing the quality of the final project,
  • Efficient cooperation with all of the project stakeholders,
  • Enhancing the opportunities and reducing threats to the project's objectives,
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of all the project stakeholders,
  • Increasing the added value of the final product,
  • Developing the project database,
  • and, Supporting all the customers with free engineering guarantee during the product lifecycle.