Social  Responsibility

COVID-19 Pandemic
Banaye Rastin’s COVID-19 Response

Our company has adapted its policy in accordance with national and international responses to support our employees in our offices and projects to maintain their physical and mental health during this ongoing and complex crisis and play our part in reducing the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on our society.
The following are part of our actions to manage the current situation:
We take this crisis very seriously and believe that every action can be crucial in saving our society and turn challenges to victory.

  • Ensuring the safety and mental and physical health of all our employees and providing the prerequisites to enable them to work from home if possible.
  • Ongoing efforts to update our approaches, hardware and software to enable us to continue our work during the pandemic.

  • Financial and spiritual support of positive COVID-19 cases.
  • Providing updated information and regulations from trusted sources such as World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to stop the spread of false information and news

  • Providing a localized regulation to get our work place ready for COVID-19 based on the World Health Organization guideline.
  • Membership of “Nafas Campaign” (a private sector partnership) to help and support the national health sector