About Us

Annual Targets
Our annual goals are dynamic. Due to the current global circumstances, we face unpredictable situations every day, so as a learning organization we also define short-term goals every month in accordance with our three-years goals.

Our goal for the first six months: providing an integrated online infrastructure to monitor and optimize our working processes through implementing SABER online platform and EMMS and assigning all company tasks in responsibility-based scope
Our goal for the second six months: providing the necessary software and hardware prerequisites to facilitate working from home and record and analyze the results

Our three-years goals:
  1. Participating in international projects
  2. Becoming a member of the Syndicate of Iran Construction Companies
  3. Becoming a member of the International Consultants & Contractors Association of Iran
  4. Defining projects related to the scope of our activities and experiences
  5. Participating in PPP projects
  6. Defining methods of optimizing our work processes in six months periods
  7. Remaining a member of the Association of Iran Hospital Construction Companies
  8. Defining and executing projects in relation to our social responsibility